Rock ‚N‘ Roll Will Never Die

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Rock’n’ Roll will never die………….

Why? Because good ol‘ classic rock music is too great!

In 2011, we decided to record our first album. Jimmy Gee showed up for the band rehearsal with about 70-80 songs which needed to be reduced down to 17 that would finally go on the album. We began by playing and recording them over and over in order to decide on the best ones. It was a lot of hard work. Our producer Thomas Diehl (R.I.P.) also had a his work cut out for him because Jimmy is a creative musician who is inspired by all types of music. He doesn’t believe in limiting himself.
When questioned about his favorite music style, Jimmy answered, ”I like them all, it’s not about the style, but the message of the song.“

But can someone make an album with 3-4 different styles of rock on it? Every record company would have called us insane but are we normal at all? No! So Thomas said, “We’ll do it our way.“
From epic hymns like Destiny, A New Beginning and Join Me, to rock ballads like Fly With The Angels, classic rock titles Colder Than Ice and the country rock song Enjoy Your Life, as well as heavy rock songs like She’s Got The Money, Give Me Your Force, to the movie soundtrack Symphony Of Broken Hearts, there is truly a variety of great music here.

At first we weren’t sure that people would like such a mixture of styles on one album, but we were quickly proved wrong. It was so popular that there are only a few copies left. With Rock ’n‘ Roll will never die Jimmy fulfilled his dream and was asked by Ex-Yngwie-Malmsteen singer Göran Edman to sing a song with him.
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Jimmy Gee: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Drums


Göran Edman: Vocals
Dee Dee Rybiczka: Vocals
Oliver Busch: Bass
Eda Schilling: Keys
Dirk Huwe: Drums

Produced by Thomas Diehl
Mixed by Christoph Reuß & Jimmy Gee
Mastered by Masterlab

The press wrote.

Da 17 + 1 Songs auf einer optimal ausgereizten Silberscheibe der Nachwelt hinterlassen wurden, der Sound perfekt abgemischt aus den Boxen ertönt und ich keinen einzigen Schwachpunkt entdecken kann, ergibt sich für mich, und das hätte ich für niemals möglich gehalten, ein musikalischer ‚Tipp‘ aus meiner Nachbarschaft!